What is this?

Zagadkownia is a quest in a real life. You are locked in a room full of riddles and puzzles. Your aim is to find a way out within an hour.

How many persons can take part in a game?

A team of 2-6 members takes part in a game.

How to take part in a game?

Click the quest page from the list, choose suitable date and time and reserve the game. Come 15 minutes before the quest.

And we've got 7 (or more) people. Can we play together?

Unfortunately not. Zagadkownia quest rooms are designed for team game from 2 to 6 people. If you've got more participants we recommend to divide into two teams and share your impressions.

How much does the game cost?

Price depends on the time and day of the week. We invite you to the Price tab for detailed information.

Do we need any special knowledge or skills?

You don't need any special knowledge or skills to win the game, but attention, quick-wittedness and teamwork will be useful.

And what if we can't solve the puzzle?

If you're driven into a corner during the game you can ask for a hint and our operator will definitely help you.

Can we give somebody a game?

Yes, you can give somebody a game. Call us and we´ll tell you how to buy it.

I've got some more questions! Whom to ask?

Just contact us in any convenient way.

Do you have other questions? Contact us:

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